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After reading this hypernarrative post about calendar mashups using yahoo pipes, I realized I could make my own filtered calendar feed for stuff events that are recommended to me by various sources, chiefly my last.fm recommendation feed. Since those sources tend to contain more noise than signal, at least for now, (automatic recommendation is hard, I read that somewhere,) and I tend to miss things because they get buried, I decided to take a page out of Wilbert's book, and become the editor of my very own event feed, mostly targeting myself, and perhaps one or two friends.

Since I use thunderbird with the lightning and google calendar provider plugins, which tend to visually clutter when too many events show up, I can now show only this feed there. Once a month I copy everything that looks remotely interesting from the other calendar feeds by hand, and Bob's my uncle. The yahoo pipes part is cool, and I might redirect all the feeds I subscribe to into one big source funnel yet, but for now I don't need it. Also I like to see who recommended me what, so I can unsubscribe from feeds that turn out to be of less interest to me than I thought.

So, without further ado, I present you with: teh coolendar! (The actual ical feed is here, for completeness' sake.)

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Wilbert said...

Great, nice things happen when data is free to move :)

Thanks for your comments.