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Subscribing to google groups with a non gmail mail address

Dear lazyweb, I keep running up against this, and it may be documented, but not any place I could find easily:

I want to subscribe to a google group with a non gmail email address, and I can't seem to do it myself. I know as admin of several groups that owners can subscribe or invite people with different email addresses, and I figured that maybe I could just send a mail to [nameofgroup]+subscribe@googlegroups.com, since the +unsubscribe version of that works. I had a brief moment of "doodgemaakt met een blije mus"-erlebnis when I got a confirmation mail, but alas, the link seemed to be invalid. Anyone have any bright ideas?

[edit:] Actually there is a separate page where you can manage all your group subscriptions, and *there* it is possible to select all your registered email addresses on a per group basis. Yay!

Go to http://groups.google.com/groups/mysubs

[edit:] actually still doesn't work, because only my gmail address shows up in the dropdowns, not my other registered and confirmed address.

[edit:] And it suddenly just works now, I noticed the other day. (as in the other email address shows up in the dropdown now.) Cool!