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Reminders via del.icio.us and Yahoo Pipes

Just thought I'd share this, while we still *have* del.icio.us and yahoo pipes... ;)

A while ago I stumbled agross tagmindr, which seemed like a cool idea: put a custom tag on some url in your del.icio.us account and it will remind you at a certain date to look at that url again. I frequently see announcements on website that say something like check back here on [some date] for [some interesting news]. Having automatic reminders for things like that are great, because the chances of me forgetting otherwise are near 100%. The thing is: the personal feed tagmindr promised me *NEVER WORKED*. That's how I completely forgot about a number of things, and tagmindr itself for a while. No biggie, just not very smart if you wanna get all start-uppy and generate buzz ;)

So I decided, how hard can it be to get this right? Turns out not hard at all! I built a yahoo pipe in under an hour that does exactly the same thing. You just give it your del.icio.us username, and it gives you reminders for anything you tag with the tags 'reminders' and 'remind:yyyy-mm-dd' where you replace the ys and ms and ds with the date you want to be reminded on.

The yahoo pipe is here. Enjoy! (As always, feedback and bug reports very welcome!)

Yahoo pipes rock, del.icio.us rocks. Let's hope Yahoo can hold out. I have nothing against Microsoft per se, but I don't think they ever got the web, and I fear they will screw up the nice and open things (like YUI, for instance) that Yahoo has been developing in the past few years.

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